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Surfing this site and by clicking on any links on this web site, you will confirm that you have read, understand, and accepted the terms and conditions of this web site. In no case, the administrators of this website will be held responsible regarding the services offered from the advertiser’s ads or for the content that will be added by escorts on their escort webpage. You are solely responsible for any text, reference, and information to your services.

Not employer

We are not the employer of the escorts introduced on our web pages. They are agencies and/or independent escorts, who assured that all services offered are in full compliance with applicable law.

You are an adult

You are an adult, being at least 18 years of age and you are not offended by adult content.

No offense

You are not accessing this material to use against any person, real or otherwise, in any conceivable manner. Your interest in all the data is of purely private character and the content of this site is only for your own use.

No defamation

If you are speaking about someone in a way that they may not approve of, then you are defaming them. Content that is intended to injure another person’s reputation is a violation. We do not tolerate disrespect from other individuals.

Use only original photos

If we find you using unauthorized photos on your profile, we will suspend your profile without a refund.

No copy

No portion of this website may be copied, reproduced, duplicated, downloaded, transmitted, sold, resold, or exploit for any commercial purposes, any portion of the service, use of the service, access to the service, or otherwise used without the prior written consent of our site.

Do not steal

You are not allowed to post on our network any copied content from any source (escort websites or not). In case we find any copyright infringement we will suspend your account without notice. No link should be placed without the consent of the linked website.

`Sex for money` and/or prostitution

Marketing for services that are illegal in your country is prohibited and not allowed. If we receive complaints or we suspect that the services you are advertising are not legal in your country, we will suspend your account without notice.

Report Trafficking 

GIRLX is wholly committed to raising awareness on the issue of human trafficking and engages in best practices and advocacy. In the event we become aware of any incident of trafficking, we cooperate enthusiastically with law enforcement and agencies involved in combating the abuse of human rights. Please report any suspected sexual exploitation of minors and/or human trafficking to the appropriate authorities. 


– Does an entertainer arrive accompanied by another individual? 

– Does that individual speak for or appear to maintain control over the entertainer? 

– Does the entertainer seem fearful of that individual? 

– Does the entertainer have difficulty communicating, whether resulting from a language barrier or fear of interaction? 

While one of these signs, on its own, may not present a trafficking concern, multiple signs indicate a potential red flag. 

Use common sense, and contact the appropriate authorities if you suspect that someone is being trafficked.

Be informed

You further acknowledge that we reserve the right to modify these general practices and limits from time to time without further notice.

Advert content

The content of the ad must be relevant to the target audience using this site and must refer to an escort or massage service. The ad must be of you and with your information. This applies to description and contact information, etc., and thus must not refer to other people. However, ads can be created on behalf of others with their consent.

Photos & Videos

Photos and videos you use on your ads must be yours or relevant to the ad. Photos or videos that you do not own are not allowed to be used. Likewise, all people appearing in this material must have given their consent to appear in the advertisement.

In addition, GIRLX.DK reserves the right to delete photos, profiles, or content, without notice, which is not in compliance with GIRLX.DK’s quality standard or which otherwise damages business foundations and the GIRLX brand. This can be blurred or misleading photos, low-quality photos, or otherwise offensive content. GIRLX.DK takes no responsibility for deleted content.

Not allowed

Advertising is not allowed to display violence, animals, children, pregnant women or other material of a more extreme nature. Also, drugs or similar must not appear on pictures and videos.

Age limit

All users of the site must be 18 years of age or older. No profile or advertisement can be made by a person below 18 years.

Delete / Disable Ads

If the above guidelines are not met, we will ask you to change the ad, the ad will be disabled or the ad will be deleted completely. Money is not refunded if an ad is removed that violates the guidelines.

Advertising payment methods

GIRLX offers advertisers the option of paying advertising fees with the following payment methods.

  • Credit / debit card

GIRLX does not see or host your credit / debit card information. Payment is made via a secure page of our partner.

  • Paysafecard

You can pay for advertising services with a Paysafecard. Paysafecard payments are managed by Paysafe Group. Please keep your PIN code until the confirmation of the payment.

  • Crypto-currencies

GIRLX accepts cryptocurrency payments including: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin. Payments are made via Coingate’s secure platform. 

Refund policy

An advertiser can cancel an advertising campaign within 24 hours after placing an order with a valid reason.

Responsible for content

The owner of the ad is responsible for the content of the ad itself, including photos, videos, and texts. GIRLX.DK cannot be held responsible for the illegal use of content or content that contravenes the law. However, we will take samples to avoid content that violates our guidelines.

Technically responsible

GIRLX.DK will at all times ensure a professional portal and ensure as far as possible that no crashes or other technical challenges arise. Should this happen, we will correct it as soon as possible. In addition, daily backup is taken so that content can recreate in critical situations.


The above guidelines can be changed at any time by GIRLX.DK